Monday, February 4, 2013

Facebook Rule that is Wrong !

Here is the Site
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Here is the Thing , We don't make people accept these Friend Request, The user has the Right not to be my friend and Also has the Right to remove ME !!!

I Liking making New Friends , "So do other people," Is facebook just a GAME App ?, Really hope not ,
Also ton of people use Facebook to Promote , share Pics , help other facebook users , YES others do help people and so Do I

NOW facebook is temp Banning ,because your inviting people that you don't know , THAT IS THE POINT of facebook , making new friends , Yes there is a "Problem of Scammers", Guys that are into Kids, I am non of those , and many others are not into these things ,Maybe make a Flag so Facebook knews these people are doing this ,

Just maybe Facebook is trying to protect kids, That is Great , but there others things that Can be done

But this is going to keep the small Youtuber's that trying to Share a video with new friends and getting views is a bad Thing ??

Facebook was a Good outlet for these kind of things , People make music every Day and want to share it with new people, RANDOM people , "I am not sure but is there a sitting that a accout can click so no one can invite them without a email ??" do that !!

But don't Kill people like Me that just trying to grow my youtube , or the people who are making songs, Art work, many other Things .. The list goes on

 Treated as cybercriminals - I feel the same , This isnt right , we are doing nothing Wrong , Do other Rules but this one needs Removed  (From link at the top)

AGAIN plz click the link at the top ! (not my site, not a trick,)

(Sorry my Blog skills Lack and suck , I am sorry for that , I am not the smartest dude alive but still a point to be made , Thank you for reading this and taking your time to read this !

I just promote my own Videos , As of right now I don't promote other people , Share this with all your friends Plz, First post shows that promoters can make a group, but you still cant add random people

@XxXDawgmasterXxX - youtube channel - Thanks for the support !! (This is how I feel, and many others) this will not be my last post about this, until it gets changed !


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