Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Facebook Going down the Tube's

Ok Like to Start out about Facebook's New Rule about Following people you don't know
My 1 accout got a 14 day Ban on it from inviting people because it says that I am inviting "none friends"

Here is my Problem , isn't facebook all about making (new friends ?) or is a (Gaming Site ?)
I am not making people Click the accept button to become my friends and they can always remove me
I don't post stuff that only for older kids , my stuff is for all age range , I don't hit on kids a try to get sex
from little 13 year olds ,

I do Nothing Wrong at all on Facebook other then invite people so I can share / Promote my youtube videos
I do understand not everyone is into my videos and I have no Problem them removing me for Promoting
my Video's

Lets say its just a Gaming Site , then Facebook needs to change there name to GamingBook, really coming down to That I am not allowed to invite people that I don't know , Leaving me less place's to share my stuff with

Hell I am even about making new friends , but with this NEW Rule facebook has, it won't even leave me do that

So at this point facebook is 100 percent useless to a person like me who just wants to Promote my youtube videos and build a Fan base

Is there other sites like facebook that will leave me promote my videos and what are they ??

( 9 . Go to the "Members" tab. You can choose to invite your Facebook friends to join your group by simply marking the check boxes by their name. You can also invite non-Facebook friends to join your group by adding their email address.

Link to 9 

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If I have there Email then we are already friends , I want Non Friends , so more people see my video's )

Do you like Facebook new Rule ?

Or Am I doing somthing Wrong ?

Plz comment and leave me know any help would mean alot ,

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